COURSES for YOU of course!

Based on what you do

Are You a Coach?

Are You a Parent?

Are you A COACH or A TENNIS ACADEMY and want to increase the children in your classes? Do you need new talent to secure your future?

Children are our forte and we can help you master your approach, teaching you the skills you need to ensure they play and stay.

Are you a TENNIS PARENT? Are you making your child angry? Do you want to know the do's and don'ts of tennis parenting?

Our Tennis Parent Workshops are made for YOU. We will help you support your child and want you to be a part of their team.

Are you a TENNIS ENTHUSIAST? Do you play recreationally or attend tournaments as a fan or tennis parent?

Our Tennis Etiquette Workshops will teach you everything you need to know to make you feel more at home on or off court.


Tennis Talks are for YOU. Keep up to date with useful information from the world of tennis.

Are you OPEN to improvement?