Tennis accessible to all - No limits - Highest expectations - Working with the abilities

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Do you worry about your child's social skills?

In our safe sports setting, your child will explore their gross motor skills and practice interaction on this level. We are committed to our "can do" attitude.

Are you searching for an activity that welcomes you?

We know how to help you and your child feel included. A unique programme built with love is waiting for you. A huge hug of hope is coming your way, I promise.

There is a class for Your child, whatever their age or ability.

Tennis is a sport for all

The game can be adapted. We focus on what the child is able to do. On their abilities. The Tennis Disability Categories below give you an idea of what an inclusive sport tennis is. We always find a way. Regardless of the disabilities, which we prefer to refer to as superpowers, abilities or special needs. 

How this began

The Angel Nicholas Programme was born from divine forces and a lifetime of experiences. Its creation was inspired by my brother Nicholas, now an angel, and has been set up in celebration of his memory. 


What is your child's superpower?

It maybe one or many accompanied with special needs. All information is treated with confidentiality and will help us in our research to determine the best approach for your child.

Examples of superpowers we are working with are:

Down’s syndrome, Asperger’s syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), selective mutism. Also visual, audio, and physical impairments.

Ways we can adapt tennis to You

We may use a smaller court, no court or tactile lines.

A smaller racket or racket with a larger face.

A lower net, no net or the space under the net.

Softer, slower balls or no balls. Balls that make noise.

How does this work?

The classes are based on sport related games that are adapted for children with special abilities, especially tennis that we are most passionate about. EVERY child is welcome and will be embraced.

Me and my dream team of hand picked professionals work intrinsically, sensitively, respectfully with the ability, choosing the best approach to help each child feel included in a sports environment. Challenge us, you will find we are fearless and unstoppable in our efforts and with perseverance and patience from all, miracles will happen.

A Little Secret about what goes into the class...

We don’t just think about you during the class. Outside sessions we research related topics, spend hours preparing notes and planning for your child, it takes more than the physical time of the class to see the results you see. When something reminds us of your child, we think about you. Challenge us, you will find we are fearless and unstoppable in our efforts and with perseverance and patience from all, miracles will happen.

See what other parents are saying about us

A special thank you to the families who have had faith in me and my team, stepped back and trusted us to develop their child’s abilities.

To have made a difference with one child, and one family was enough, and convinced me that my methods work. We have experienced many miracles and I will share more with you in due course, and provided I have the consent of the families to share their story. Watch this space…