Do you hate going to the gym? Struggling to find time for YOU?

It’s ok. We know what to do to get you moving. So that you start to feel like you are ticking the cardio box. This is a class you will want to make time for.

Are you a coach, a parent or fan open to improvement?

Coaches Workshops for improving their approach with children and to keep them playing and passionate. Tips for parents or for anybody to just talk about tennis. 

Screen battles with your child? You want them to be happy?

Give your child the gift of tennis, a sport for life. Teamed with your support, they will grow a fair sports personality armed with super skills on court.

What our customers are saying!

“I never thought I could play tennis again after an accident left my arm stiff. Marina helped me get my swing back and I enjoy the social side.” Christina

Great tips and ways to deal with children and keep them excited. Coach Paul

My kids love tennis thanks to these coaches.