I am known to many children and adults as Coach Marina. My mum Emily played tennis in London in the 1950s and engrained in me my love for tennis. I will fast forward a part of my journey and stop at what brings me to you.  



Having studied Law and Management with LSE I thought I was destined for one court. My encounters in the corporate and legal field changed my mind and convinced me that I was not where I should be.


Evolving into a mum made me realize that I wanted more quality time with my family, to be present, to raise them to be good humans. I arranged my law books on the shelf tidily and channeled my education into my children.

My son, at a few months old, displayed a good aim and liked every type of ball I would throw at him. He instinctively knew what to do with it. I asked about and most tennis academies registered children from the age of 4. That was too long for me to wait.


So I set about making my own tennis programme for little ones. My research led me to find Teddy Tennis, a UK franchise and I decided to bring it to Cyprus. Leon, my husband, laughed so loud when I told him my plan but he went along with it, knowing that it’s what I wanted to do. 


A few years later here we are. I am doing all I can to support my son Demetris and daughter Emilia in their tennis journey, improve my game as a player, my knowledge as a coach, and show as many people as I can of all ages and abilities the pleasures of making tennis a part of their life!